Sometimes positive isn’t positive at all

I’ve been wondering if my blog might become tiring for some readers, thinking all this doom, gloom and outpouring just tends to bring people down too, so they may start to avoid it. I truly hope not, of course, and I try hard to keep my posts realistic and retain some humour or joyful reflections as well as the more sombre side.

But then I read this other blog post (below) and found myself agreeing that life isn’t all rosy and we shouldn’t feel obliged to keep jolly about everything to avoid uncomfortable, bad feelings. I’m determined to keep my blog true to my feelings, and by doing so it will show joy, pain, anger, irrationality, sorrow and everything in between, and hopefully reach someone else who is experiencing the same thing.

From The Well Written Woman blog: ‘Yesterday, someone on my Facebook page posted the quote “If you can’t be positive, at least be quiet.” I have no idea who this person was quoting, and I realize how tiresome it is to read so many negative posts every day, but really, this statement bothered me. At first glance it seems like solid advice, to stay positive, but is that the way life really works?’

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2 thoughts on “Sometimes positive isn’t positive at all

  1. You can (and should) feel (and write) however you want. Every journey through grief and loss is unique. Readers who’ve suffered losses of their own will relate to the hurricane of emotions that death throws up. Those that haven’t, probably never will. But that’s okay, I think.

    I’m glad none of my friends can relate to my losses. I wouldn’t wish that burden on anyone. But that said, I’ve learned to feel no guilt or shame in occasionally surrendering to the weight of my sorrows.

    The emotional scars that bereavement has left us with are not always pretty, but they’re very real, and they’re here to stay; as much a part of us now as our fingers and toes…

    I admire the honesty evident in your posts, and hope it continues…

    Best wishes

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