My radio interview with Anna King

Anna King

Today, I was interviewed by Anna King from BBC Radio Gloucestershire for her lunchtime show.

I was invited to be interviewed last year not long after Abi died, but I could only cope with contributing to articles in the paper then, it was too soon to speak of it without cracking. Now that my blog has grown, when I was approached recently by the production team, it felt right.

It was probably the easiest interview in my life, as of course I had the pleasure of talking about Abi and my blog. It is always hard to talk about her in the past tense, but I held it together and I’m really pleased with how it went.

I’m sharing the link on here (available until 29th May) as it might be nice to put a voice to the words. My interview starts at 14.15.

Would love to know what you think.

Anna King Show 22nd May 2014

6 thoughts on “My radio interview with Anna King

  1. I thought you did brilliantly. Was so impressed that you did it without falling apart, but having such a skilled and caring interviewer must really help. x

  2. Just listened to the interview. You were remarkable and the interviewer was so kind. Abi sounds like an amazingly wonderful daughter. I’m so sorry she’s gone and not playing with Jake and her other siblings. So difficult to understand that these tragedies are even possible.

    • Thank you so much for listening. I was worried about getting upset as I did every time I practiced at home, but I think that helped to calm me before. I enjoyed talking to Anna, she’s lovely and clearly a skilled interviewer. I see Abi in all my children and feel that she’s never too far from us. x

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