A baptism of faith

At church yesterday, there was a baptism and, after it had been done, we sang this hymn, which to me summed up how faithful God is and how He will be there for us
(and had been with me) from the beginning until the end – regardless of what happens in the middle.

The vicar emphasised the importance of this ritual; that it’s not just about dressing up for the day and having a family party, although that bit is nice too! He talked of baptism symbolising submerging ourselves in Jesus and that, while we use only a small amount of holy water on our heads rather than full submersion, this doesn’t mean we only have a small amount of Jesus in our lives. We can have as much of Him as we like, and ideally all of Him.

This year, we’ll be baptising our new baby along with our two other children. Abi had been baptised on her death-bed, and it was so very important to us then. 

I was not baptised until I was 12, when I was also confirmed, this was all my choice, and when we had children we felt we should give them that freedom of choice. I take the decision seriously and didn’t want to organise a baptism just because it was the ‘done thing’. When Abi died, her being baptised became very important. I’d wished we’d done it as a baby. I don’t believe that without it she wouldn’t go to heaven or anything, but baptism is a way of recognising that Jesus is part of our lives. 

We’ve discussed it with them and they are both keen. When I explained to them about why people are baptised, my son simply said: ‘Well I love God so I want to be baptised.’ And that is all that matters! Except this time, it will be done under happier circumstances and we’ll make a really special day for them. A celebration in faith.

This is the hymn. I was going to share it yesterday while the feeling was still fresh, but I decided to do it today, to continue that feeling on a Monday, to keep the song alive in my mind.

Great Your faithfulness
O God my Father
O God my friend
Your love it never fades
And so I’ll love You until the end

When shadows fall
You never change
From age to age
You never change

Great is Your faithfulness Your faithfulness
Through the years You’ve always been there
Great is Your love for us Your love for us
Through the years You’ll always be there

Great Your kindness God
You are our shelter our dwelling place
Your presence like a fire
Hope for tomorrow strength for today

We will stand we will stand upon Your promises
We are strong we are strong
Because our hope is in You
We will run we will run we will run
We belong we belong we belong to You to You

5 thoughts on “A baptism of faith

  1. This is such a testament of your faith and the faithfulness of God. I am sure your story will speak to so many people who tend to blame God or lose sight of him in grief (which I can understand). I agree with you on baptism. I was baptised at 15 and have encouraged all of my children to wait until they are ready – my middle one chose to be baptised at 9. We do the full submersion thing but as you say, I really don’t think it matters, it’s just a symbol. I hope it’s a happier day for you.x

  2. I’m sure you will have a wonderful family day. I had a group baptism for my children (eldest was 10 at the time and youngest 10 months) as it was very important for my mum to see them baptised before she died. It was so exciting for the older ones to be part of their baby brother’s baptism and made it a very special day. It’s such a positive thing to do as a family and will be a lovely thing for you to plan together. It should be particularly heartening for you that your daughter is fully on board; hopefully it will help her to see that there are good family times ahead.

    • Thank you, that’s really good to hear. I think having them all done together is a lovely bond and they’ll have each other on the day so it won’t be so daunting. I’ll certainly post an up date on this.

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