Followed by a fairy


The day before we left to go on our holiday, we were sat discussing what we wanted to do and I suddenly felt something tickle my arm. I jumped thinking it was a fly, but it turned out to be a thistledown, or a ‘fairy’ as my mum used to call them when I was little, that had floated into the house. We all laughed. It was the first one I’d seen this year.

Then, on day one of our holiday, we were sat watching TV after a busy day outside and another fairy floated past me and my son. I tried to catch it but it disappeared, too delicate to spot. We hadn’t brought it with us, or maybe we had…

Then, on day three of our holiday, we were at a local stables waiting for my daughter to have a riding lesson. She was a little nervous. This time a fairy floated to me again, and I caught it.

I’m not a fairy, angel, rainbow, star kind of person when comes to Abi, and I know full well it’s the time of year for it and we’re on a farm, but was it so crazy to believe our Abi was letting us know she was with us? A comforting thought in any case. I wonder how many more will float our way this, our first family holiday without her.


8 thoughts on “Followed by a fairy

  1. We call them fairies too, my 5yo loves finding them when we’re out and about. It’s a nice thought that Abi was there with you – she probably was and always is xx

  2. Lovely post. It’s not crazy at all to think that Abi is there enjoying the holiday with you. I used to think those sorts of things were silly, before I lost Hugo. Now I see signs of him everywhere – in butterflies, and when the wind blows the windmills on his grave garden. It really is a comfort. I hope you see lots more fairies on your holiday xxx

    • Thanks Leigh. They followed us everywhere, in the most remotest places, and one too when we got home. The world talks to us when we open our eyes x

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