Do they really pray for you?

I’m reblogging this as it’s something I have been meaning to write about myself. This says what I want to say. I did used to pray for people if I said so, but now I am much more active in that regard and make real effort to pray for others. They may be short and sweet, but God hears all prayers.

Broken Mothers Club

Think about it…… How many times have you said to someone when something horrible happens to them that you will pray for them? How many times have you commented on a status for someone that you are praying for them? I know I have hundreds of times. How many of us actually take the time out to say a 30 second prayer for them? Just a simple, β€œLord, please help Mary Sue in her troubles and be with her in her time of need.” How many of us actually do that?

I know I am guilty of not praying for someone when I have said it in the past. It has just become a standard answer for people to give when faced with having to say something. I have realized the power of simple prayers lately. They do not have to be these long drawn out prayers that last 30…

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