THIS is all I want for my birthday

Today, I turn 38. Thirty-eight years since I was born. It feels surreal. I don’t feel this age… in many ways still young, but equally old before my time. I question why I should be allowed to live this long and yet my child already be in heaven?

I’ve never been hugely into birthday celebrations, having a birthday at the end of the summer holidays was never ideal, and that’s even more the case now. It’s just another day, but I’m thankful for each day I have now.

My hubby gave me a beautiful emerald eternity ring for our wedding anniversary this year and that has doubled as a birthday gift too. To be honest, I don’t want anything. Possessions mean nothing.

THIS is all I want for my birthday.

My family back.


The best birthday ever, with my three babies, Menorca 2011

This photo was taken in 2011 on my birthday on holiday in Menorca. The children were sneaking around in the morning and then all jumped into my bed and gave me cards and balloons. It was so memorable. So special.

This is my second birthday without Abi. Now, instead of the joyful wake up, I’m perpetually reminded of the loss of her. That my tired lips don’t get her fleeting kisses in the morning anymore; she always woke me with a kiss.

Now, I’m visiting her memorial, leaving HER flowers…


I chose fiery orange roses for Abi

…with a new baby who seems to know so much already. He looks on at Abi’s place with such peace and wisdom. He knows too.


My baby quietened and stopped fidgeting for some time as he looked at Abi’s memorial

It’s a horrible day, an emotionally stressful time of year that I’d like to get through as quickly and with as little fuss as possible. I’m sorry darling, I know it’s not what you’d like, but my heart won’t ever stop breaking for the loss of you.


My hubby and baby sharing a moment with Abi at her special place


9 thoughts on “THIS is all I want for my birthday

  1. I will be thinking of you today; I know how hard it is for you. I completely agree about babies knowing, my youngest was exactly like that when my parents died. Without him I would have completely gone to pieces. At age 11 he is still the most thoughtful, empathetic boy imaginable. I always think he was sent down from heaven by my brother to provide comfort to me. Perhaps that’s what Abi did for you.
    Your family is still complete, just not in the same way. Abi is in your heart always and will never leave it.
    Big hugs xxx

  2. Huge hugs to you. Having those types of things ripped away from you is just not fair, and it makes no sense as to why our babies are taken too soon. 😦
    Hold onto those memories even on dark days, and let your love for her and her butterfly kisses bring even a glimmer of warmth to you as much they can (though its far less desirable than her being with you in person). Abi sounds like an incredible soul, lovely and lighthearted.

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