A satisfactory response from Virgin Media

So, following my last post about my complaint of the way Virgin Mobile handled my contract closure, Virgin Media has finally responded to my complaint in a more human way.

I missed a call this afternoon from the Head of Customer Services, but I’ve just spoken to the Chief Executive’s PA who called me about the issue.

I can’t tell you how nice it was to talk to a pleasant, understanding person. She apologised on behalf of the company and, while she appreciated I wasn’t expecting recompense, she offered a goodwill gesture to refund the payments we’d made on that contract in full.

This is all very good, but I wanted to make sure that the company was taking the issue seriously and looking into not only the response by the call centre staff when calls like mine are received, but also the response of the Social Media team when dealing with such a sensitive issue.

I explained that when you are bereaved you really cannot put up a fight, you simply don’t have the strength to argue the toss with companies, that it should be for the companies to take the lead and make the process as simple as possible. More human, less robotic. It may not seem to mean much in the scheme of things but believe me, these things are really very stressful to deal with and stay with you for a long time after.

But I feel confident that this was heard and that my complaint will be addressed, and that is all I ask.

Virgin Mobile may have messed up in my case, but the point of Customer Service is that when that happens the company does what it can to rectify the problem. I am satisfied with the way the company has finally handled my complaint, a sincere apology is all it takes to make amends.

I know, sadly, that I am not alone with my experience and have heard from many of you who have had similarly poor service from other companies, but hopefully, now, the process will be much easier for other bereaved customers of Virgin Mobile in the future.

I just wanted to end by saying thank you to all my readers for your kind support and comments – I am so grateful that I have my blog (and my readers) to turn to. I’m going to blog about something ‘Abi’ next!

6 thoughts on “A satisfactory response from Virgin Media

  1. Goodness me what an ordeal you’ve been through 😦 So sorry this has been handled badly. I really do think the call handlers should have some training (if it’s possible to teach someone how to be sensitive?). I hope things will now change for the next person having to deal with this 😦 xx

  2. I’m glad they have finally done something positive to help with the situation. I cannot imagine how it must feel to have to make these calls but well done for calling people out. It should be better. People should be compassionate xx

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