The Gallery: A sight for sore eyes


Girl 2 and I have the same distinctive eyes. Grey/green with a dark rim. I think they are beautiful!

It’s amazing to see yourself in your child.


Sadly, my sight isn’t as good as hers, though she does have a weaker right eye, like me, which may mean that one day she, too, will need glasses. I only started needing glasses (for driving) when I was in my mid-twenties, I hope it doesn’t get worse as I value my sight to enable me to work (as an editor). Boy J started wearing glasses in reception, which was a bit of a shock as both my daughters had been fine. Wearing glasses seems to be more common these days in children, and I’m thankful my son has taken to them – he now looks odd without them!

With the Sightsavers Million Miracles campaign, I am reminded how fortunate we are to be cared for by an optician, and to have easy access to glasses and eye health practitioners. Sightsavers wants to raise £30 million by 2018 to give a million people their sight back so please do what you can to raise awareness of this by sharing your own visions!

Linking up with The Gallery at Sticky Fingers, which this week is all about eyes, aiming to raise awareness of Million Miracles. 

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11 thoughts on “The Gallery: A sight for sore eyes

  1. I always think your daughter looks a lot like you, maybe it’s because of the eyes.
    It was a shock to discover my son needed glasses too, but didn’t then come as a great surprise when my daughter needed them.

  2. You’re right, it is lovely to see a bit of yourself looking back at you! Gorgeous eyes, I always envy the blue a bit being very decidedly brown. Thanks so much for highlighting the Sightsavers campaign!

  3. Hello, I’ve just come to your blog for the first time. I am so sorry to hear of the loss of your Abi and can only empathise, having lost a son a few years ago.

    I love your eye pictures, just gorgeous.

    • Hi Merry, thank you for your lovely comment. I’ve followed your blog a little while now and am sorry too for your loss, you write some beautiful posts. xxx

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