Guest blog: To my grieving sister… (a poem)

A beautiful poem written by my older sister in a comment, which I think deserves a post of its own.

I live each day with you, understanding the pain,
Will life ever one day, be the same?
Each heartbreaking moment reliving what was,
Life as we knew it burst into dust.

Is there a light, towards what we remember?
As times passes by, the pain becomes tender.
Though sick with emotion at times, you least expect,
You’re pulled back to that moment of emotional wreck.

As every event approaches with much anticipation,
We must thank you for your beautiful creation.
Because without you, we wouldn’t have had the pleasure
Of knowing such an amazing, unique treasure.

Always reminding myself I’m here for you and family left behind,
Your words of wisdom are so generous and kind.
You deserve so much more than I can offer,
How I pray that you both won’t suffer.

Forever. Your love for each other will get you through,
Making each day bearable only you two know.
How each other feels in your silent days,
Your precious Abigail with us all, in memory plays.

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