The Dragonfly Story

The Dragonfly Story is a retelling of the popular fable of the waterbugs and the dragonflies. This story is often used to help explain death and the concept of heaven to people of all ages. In fact, it was the story that inspired this blog! You can read about that here.

Since Abi died, I was so moved by the dragonfly fable that I wanted to recreate the story, beautifully illustrated for children and adults to share. There wasn’t a book like it available. My version features a bit about my story and touches on the loss of Abi, so it relates to the loss of a sibling or child; however, I have kept it as general as possible so I hope anyone who is grieving can draw comfort from it.

The Dragonfly Story is a tale of hope. It provides a view of death that captures something of what heaven might be like. It is also suitable for anyone with or without a particular faith. The story allows you to discuss death and what you might believe happens when we die.


The book is self-published through my own company, Ultimate Publications. After production and distribution costs, 10% of the profits will be donated to a child bereavement charity.

You can pre-order a copy of The Dragonfly Story below. AVAILABLE 1st MAY 2018.

240 x 240 paperback
32 pages

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** I would like to make a special mention to all the family, friends, acquaintances and followers of this blog who donated money to help support the design costs of The Dragonfly Story. Anyone who requested it has their child’s name added to the In Memory page in the book. Thank you again! To see the donations page, please click here to be taken to JustGiving. **