How many children does a bereaved mother have?

The note about what to write in a card to a grieving person in my last post seemed to strike a cord with some readers. Some recognised the uncertainty of what to do for the best, others realised they’d never considered how this simple gesture could be interpreted by the recipient, others recalled past occasions when they felt they should have perhaps done it differently. So, I wanted to focus a little more on this.

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A new kind of normal…

Imagine an average day without someone you love dearly, a child, spouse or close relative you live with – knowing that you’ll never see them again. It’s almost impossible to do, unless you’ve experienced it – I know this now. I could empathise with the anguish, the hurt, but actual continuing grief goes so much deeper and affects all aspects of life, from the mundane routine things to the complete outlook on life and faith.

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