Guest post: The ways my heart is broken

I met (on Twitter) a remarkable woman who tragically lost her darling son Hugo in March this year. He was born at just 24 weeks and lived 35 days. I gave birth to my son on 24th February, just four days after Leigh had Hugo, and her story really struck me and again reminded me how fragile life is. Leigh is a woman after my own heart, she wants to break the taboo surrounding baby loss and ‘start a conversation’ about it. Our babies, no matter what age, are all very special and deserve to be remembered.

I’m sharing this, her post, written just two months after Hugo passed away, which expresses so beautifully and powerfully how the loss of precious Hugo affected her. The strength of character that comes through in this post is quite something.

Yes, reading about baby loss is hard and upsetting, but that makes it all the more important to read it. We can’t close our ears and eyes to the sad things in this world just because they upset us. To be able to empathise with others and get some perspective on our own lives, reading and sharing stories of real life – and death – is more important than ever.

Thank you, Leigh, for sharing your story. It will help comfort many other women who sadly find themselves in a similar position.

Leigh and Hugo

Leigh and Hugo

The Ways My Heart is Broken

You can find Leigh’s blog at:  or on Twitter @Leighakendall #Hugoslegacy