2 thoughts on “Parenting in grief

  1. I think each day it’s difficult to discipline. My story is a lot different than yours though, I lost my baby girl Hannah suddenly at 10 weeks. I never got the chance to really be a parent to her, not in the discipline sense. Her big sister is almost six. She had her first year of Kindergarten and such a huge chance socially in her life this year. It has only been 7 months since her little sister’s passing. My main driving force is the guilt, I cannot let my surviving child feel like I checked out when Hannah died. My focus to parenting my oldest has changed, I care more about how she treats and understands others than I do if her room is clean. I do not accept things like whining and tantrums because I want her to realize that, life happens…There’s nothing you can do sometimes except move on, not because you want to but because you have to. I feel like my sole priority with her now is to be a spiritual parent to her, help her to know God and realize how important that relationship is and to make sure she has empathy and cares for others. I may muck it up too, but you can only do what your heart tells you at this point.

    • Thank you Shana. You show such strength in your comment. I’m so sorry that Hannah died. It seems you have a strong understanding of how this could affect you both and are consciously parenting now rather than raising a child without really thinking of the bigger picture. I think we can get caught up in micromanaging our children. God bless you all x

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