Halloween – Trauma or treat?

I no longer buy into the commercialisation of the celebration of evil, horror and fear. Stick a bit of sparkle on a witch’s costume and it makes everything OK, right? It’s only fake.

But I have seen blood pouring from my dying child’s mouth. I have seen the death behind the glassy eyes. I have watched as my child’s skin turned deathly pale. I have watched as her body slowly decayed.

If this makes you feel uncomfortable then perhaps that’s good. For people like me, Halloween brings flashbacks at every turn. When going outside or turning on the TV I realise there’s no escape from it. Cute ghostie cookies to tempt children, family fun spooky events, every shop selling black gorey tat, cartoons being ‘spooktastic’. Then there’s the photos on social media of children I know dressed up to either look like death or like something evil. Great!

That’s not to say I begrudge others participating, I’ve done it myself many times and it’s very hard as my children are so excited about pumpkins and all the ‘fun’ things they see. I am a complete party pooper, I realise that I seem over dramatic. But, while I don’t feel as traumatised now as I did, I know there are many people out there who will be, who have just walked out of a hospital morgue without their child and straight past a shop showing ghosts, ghouls and blood. I can’t bring myself to join in anymore with something that I don’t believe in celebrating.

Our church holds a light party every year which is really popular. I like the idea of focusing on the light in our lives, this world has enough demons already.


3 thoughts on “Halloween – Trauma or treat?

  1. I don’t think you are being overly dramatic at all, this is another of facet of why Halloween should not be celebrated that I have never even considered before. Any celebration of darkness is a step too far for me. Mich x

  2. My son died shortly before Halloween so this holiday held terrible horror for me that first year. For many years afterward, I couldn’t bear the memories of his happy face trick or treating.
    But all these years later, I am peaceful and I accept that losing him changed me into someone else. I am okay with other children enjoying the holiday now. I’m grateful that I’m not suffering like I once was.
    Wishing you peace and comfort.

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